What are the characteristics of problems that are significant to nursing and thus merit research

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What are the characteristics of problems that are significant to nursing and thus merit research

Vitamins and minerals calcium, germanium, magnesium, manganese, selenium, tin, tungsten, vanadium, zinc, etc. Weighted blankets or vests. Background Autism spectrum disorders ASD are a group of biologically based chronic neurodevelopmental disorders characterized by impairments in two major domains: The exact cause is unknown, but is believed to have many factors, including a strong genetic component.

Signs and symptoms of ASD generally appear prior to three years of age and include difficulties with language, deficient social skills and restricted or repetitive body movements and behaviors. Autism has been estimated to affect approximately 1 in 1, children in the United States, and other pervasive developmental disorders have been estimated to affect approximately 2 in 1, children in the United States.

Based on recent prevalence estimates of 10 to 20 cases per 10, individuals, between 60, andchildren under the age of 15 years meet diagnostic criteria for autism. There is no cure for ASD.

What are the characteristics of problems that are significant to nursing and thus merit research

However, there is a consensus that treatment must be individualized depending upon the specific strengths, weaknesses and needs of the child and family. Early diagnosis and early intensive treatment have the potential to affect outcome, particularly with respect to behavior, functional skills and communication.

There is increasing evidence that intervention is more effective when initiated as early as possible. Diagnosis and treatment of ASD may involve a variety of tools. Developmental screening, usually performed during a routine well child exam, identifies atypical unusual behaviors such as social, interactive and communicative behaviors that are delayed, abnormal or absent.

Once identified, a comprehensive multidisciplinary assessment is recommended in order to make an accurate and appropriate diagnosis. According to the American Academy of Neurology AAN 's practice parameter, Screening and Diagnosis of Autism Filipek et al,autism is characterized by severe deficiencies in reciprocal social interaction, verbal and non-verbal communication, and restricted interests.

It usually commences before the age of 3 years and lasts over the whole lifetime. Early signs that distinguish autism from other atypical patterns of development include poor use of eye gaze, lack of gestures to direct other people's attention especially to show things of interestdecreased social responsiveness, and lack of age-appropriate play with toys especially imaginative use of toys.

A typical symptom of autism is absence of speech development, observed from infancy, taking the form of complete mutism at later stages. It has been emphasized that most pathological symptoms of autism result from altered perception of external stimuli, which arouse fear and anxiety.

Currently, there are no biological markers for autism and there is no proven cure for this disorder. Because there are no biological markers for autism, screening must focus on behavior. These symptoms are stable in children from toddler age through preschool age. Retrospective analysis of home videotapes also has identified behaviors that distinguish infants with autism from other developmental disabilities as early as 8 months of age.

There are relatively few appropriately sensitive and specific autism screening tools for infants and toddlers, and this continues to be the current focus of many research centers. The Checklist for Autism in Toddlers CHAT for month-old infants, and the Autism Screening Questionnaire for children 4 years of age and older, have been validated on large populations of children.

Performance on tasks that rely on rote, mechanical, or perceptual processes are typically spared; deficient performance exists on tasks requiring higher-order conceptual processes, reasoning, interpretation, integration, or abstraction.

Dissociations between simple and complex processing are reported in the areas of language, memory, executive function, motor function, reading, mathematics, and perspective-taking. However, there is no reported evidence that confirms or excludes a diagnosis of autism based on these cognitive patterns alone.

The AAN practice parameter did not recommend that neuropsychological testing be used for the diagnosis of autism, but insteadshould be performed as needed, in addition to a cognitive assessment, to assess social skills and relationships, educational functioning, problematic behaviors, learning style, motivation and reinforcement, sensory functioning, and self-regulation.

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Psychological testing is recommended in the AACAP practice parameter to assess for cognitive and intellectual functioning, in order to determine eligibility and plan for educational and other services.

These features, in conjunction with the increased number of male patients 3: On the other hand, parallel evidence of immune abnormalities in autistic patients argues for an implication of the immune system in pathogenesis.Nursing research develops knowledge about health and the promotion of health over the full lifespan, care of persons with health problems and disabilities, and nursing actions to enhance the ability of individuals to respond effectively to actual or potential health problems.

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The Medical Services Advisory Committee (MSAC) is an independent non-statutory committee established by the Australian Government Minister for Health in The reflective and interrogative processes required for developing effective qualitative research questions can give shape and direction to a study in ways that are often underestimated.

Good research questions do not necessarily produce good research, but poorly conceived or constructed questions will likely create problems that affect all subsequent stages of a study.

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