The common causes of failure in an online relationship

Epic guide to make your long distance relationship thrive 1. Communication problems Communication is an important ingredient of all relationships.

The common causes of failure in an online relationship

Hi Nikki I typed out a long response to your post yesterday but for some reason it seems to have gotten lost, so I am reposting my reply. The common causes of failure in an online relationship your rabbit every day and as often as possible to socialize them to it.

You should learn how to safely pick her up and hold her, first though. When interacting it is even better to get down on the floor. Rabbits are not born liking to be picked up because in the wild when they leave the ground they are about to die. You must work with them and teach them that it is OK.

They will learn the opposite if they are dropped when you pick them up. They have great memories and remember any time they were hurt, if even by accident.

There are several glaring issues in your short post that need to be addressed in my response. First is that it is always best to adopt a pet and avoid purchasing them, to reduce the demand for over-breeding. That said, you might want to consider adopting from a rescue or shelter when you go to get your next pet.

The second thing that I notice right away is that you mentioned buying this rabbit for your son. If the child is too young, then it is a disaster waiting to happen because rabbits are so fragile and delicate. If the child is older say over seven then they might not accidentally hurt or injure the animal, but they are also not going to be responsible enough to provide the long term commitment over ten years and the intricate care that is necessary.

This requires very close adult supervision and no child will hold their interest for ten or twelve years that the rabbit will be in your home with proper care. This means that the pet bunny is really YOUR pet bunny because it will fall upon you to insure his health and well-being.

Also, in ten years when your son is off at college, you are still going to be caring for this bunny if he is 7 or 8. How and what to feed a pet rabbit is some of the most important info that you will need to know.

This is especially true for Rex bunnies. They were bred to gain weight very quickly and this translates to being extremely sensitive to being over-fed. Baby Rex bunnies should have pellets to help them grow and mature until they are six months old.

THEN, I would wean them off of pellets so that by the time they are adults they should not be getting any pellets at all. Pellets are for farmers to fatten up bunnies so that they can be eaten quickly, not for pet rabbits who live ten or more years.

This means that you will need to give her fresh hay every day. She should be eating a lot of hay all the time. When rabbits stop eating for just one day, they can die.

I recommend getting my book or doing a lot more reading online because if you mess up with feeding this Rex, it will drastically impact her longevity and health read vet bills. Female rabbits have more than a four out of five chance of getting breast or uterine cancers and tumors if they are not spayed by the time they are four years old.

You are basically sentencing your girl to a horrible death by cancer if you do not get her spayed. In order to spay a pet rabbit you must seek out an exotic pet vet. To help locate one in your area, visit rabbit.

When you visit the site for your local House Rabbit Society chapter, they will have a list of the rabbit vets for your area. You can also Google local rabbit rescues and ask them directly who to use. This is critical and is part of having a pet bunny, just like having a good dog or cat vet is part of having a dog or kitty.

One last thing… please remember that rabbits need to see special these veterinarians, ONLY. You cannot take a rabbit to a dog or cat vet. It takes a lot of experience to treat and diagnose bunnies.

Your dog and cat vet will not know how to do this and it will only end badly trust me on this one. Of course, they will take your money and try and treat your bunny, but do not expect to bring the bunny home every time been there and done that.

I know I threw a lot of stuff at you, but all of that needed to be said from what you asked in your post. You have chosen a particularly challenging breed because of their special dietary issues. You will learn how having a pet bunny can be very rewarding, but it will require some serious effort on your part and you will not learn it from the bunny.

Expecting to learn how to care for a rabbit from a rabbit is like trying to learn how to take care of children from a two year old.There's many unrealistic expectations while dating one of them is to want someone to love you the way you think they should instead of the way they are able to.

Another unrealistic expectation is the fact that television sells us this dream of a p. 1. Human Medications. You must never give medications meant for humans to your rabbit, unless you are specifically instructed by your rabbit’s vet.

Top 10 Reasons Marriages Fail. Aug 8, by Headmaster. 1. Financial Problems For the most part, it is the lack of open communication about money problems that jeopardizes a marriage more than the financial problems alone.

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Background Although fatigue is a common symptom in heart failure (HF), little is known about its. Early detection can help prevent the progression of kidney disease to kidney failure.

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The common causes of failure in an online relationship

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