Skillport security

It will show you where to go to register for courses, and how to get your log in information. The Skillport Army e-learning courses that are eligible for college credit are list in their own folder. If you go into the e-learning catalog; you will see a listing of all the folders.

Skillport security

Megan H The Army Skillport system is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get Army promotion points. I, personally, sat and watched TV for an entire weekend and maxed out my promotion points. At first glance, the system can be a little overwhelming.

There are so many courses to choose from and so many different topics. The Army has, yet again, created a route to promotion points that can be cheated. If you took as long Skillport security the Army Skillport courses were supposed to take you; you would spend all your time as a lower enlisted in front of your computer.

Due to so many soldiers maxing out their Military Education promotion points without ever attending an NCO school; the Army placed a maximum on the Computer Based Training.

This number for SSG is hours. However, it needs to be discussed because it affects how many Army Skillport hours you actually need to complete to max out your Computer Based Training promotion points. This means that those recommended to SGT have 80 hours less to do to max out their computer based training points.

You can now max out your computer course hours with Army Skillport hours 62 promotion points. SSD1 is no longer worth promotion points. It is still a requirement to go to WLC though. It is true that these are the easiest courses to do, but only if someone has shown you the cheats to get through them faster.

Once you click on that folder, you will have to keep clicking on folders until you reach the actual courses. Each individual course has a little computer screen next to it on the left and a little green dot to the right once it is completed.

Army Skillport Cheating Army Skillport cheating is not possible like it used to be in the Army correspondence courses.

Skillport is designed so that there is no specific set of questions for all soldiers. It is just a loophole in the system. Click on your first course. You will then see all the information about the course; including the course hours.

Skillport security

Most of the Microsoft courses are listed in minutes; but we all know that 60 minutes is equal to an hour. This is what you will see when you click on your first Army Skillport course. Inside of the launched course, you will see a listing of all the sub-courses.

These are the courses that must be done before you can get credit for the whole course. This is where the tricks comes in. The screen shot below shows my course as complete-please ignore.

You can also choose to take each individual course test, but I prefer the whole course test. On the next screen, you will see your score for the course and for each sub-course.

Once again, yours will not have scores like mine because mine is complete. At this point you can decide what works best for you. There are a few different methods you can try. Now, you can either just keep clicking through until you are done, or note the correct answers.

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I like to just click through. You can either repeat what you have already done and choose a different letter to click every time, or if you took notes, click the right answers. Once the answer pops up, take a picture of the screen or write down the correct answer.

After you have went through the whole test, you can choose to retake the test. The Army Skillport system gives you the answers.CompTIA Approved CEU Courses The CompTIA Continuing Education (CE) Program allows you to keep your certification(s) current by completing activities that .

Skillsoft offers a web interface and a mobile app, for learning on the go.

Skillport security

To download the free mobile app (great for listening to audio books or watching videos), iOS users can download it from the iTunes store, and Android users from Google Play.

To log on to the app, enter "Cornell" into the Skillport . Welcome to the Army e-Learning Program, a distributed learning system program.

Enter your username and password to sign in. SkillPort is the Learning Management System (LMS) for NCTracks.

State users can utilize SkillPort to register for Instructor Led Training (ILT), whether they plan to attend in person or remotely answer the security questions to retrieve/reset your password. How to Access and Register for Training in SkillPort . Click on the SecureAuth realm that is designated for 2-factor access (i.e.

SecureAuth2) Click on the Data tab. Assign the AD field (can be any field) that contains the user Skillport LMS (that will be federated to Skillport LMS) to the SecureAuth field on the left (i.e. "wWWHomePage" AD field is assigned to SecureAuth's "Email Field 2" field as shown on the right screenshot).

Skillsoft’s Security Training resources give technology professionals the skills and knowledge they need to protect your organization’s critical data and systems.

Lax security practices and poor security awareness on the part of employees can result in security breaches that have serious consequences for .

Department of Campus Security and Safety at IRSC