Retail strategies

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Retail strategies

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The event this year is going to be focused around the retail industry to address the challenges currently being faced by companies and exploring the technologies that will enable retailers to maximise their customer base and ensure high retention rates with exceptional customer service delivery.

Key themes that the event will address include customer experience, loyalty programmes, ecommerce platforms and the relationship between brick and mortar and online stores.

We are targeting all retailers including grocers, restaurants, clothing, home Retail strategies, electronics and pureplays which will lead to frank and open discussions with the opportunity for attendees to learn from different industries to take value insight back to their company.

More so than that however, we will be going beyond multichannel, ecommerce and mobile; the conference will delve into the strategies being utilised by retailers to create an exceptional, market-leading customer experience.

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With a challenging year for retail with some high profile closures to date, it is now more imperative than ever before to put in place technologies that will attract, and keep your customers. Event News 3 Ways Mobile Technology is Revolutionising the Retail Industry With mobile technology on the rise, consumers are now able to research, compare and purchase products via their mobile phone.

Due to this, retailers must be aware of the forces working in the market to take advantage of the opportunities to come.

What does the retail industry want to hear about? The way that Arena ensures we have the most cutting edge programme is through our in-depth research and this is what we feel separates us from our competition. Each agenda is curated once we speak with at least 40 industry experts to hear the biggest challenges and opportunities they see in retail.Design programs and patient services that eliminate barriers and ensure your targeted patient population has seamless and affordable access to therapeutic products.

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The successful new retail strategies are almost always accompanied by extraordinarily strong culture and values that provide energy and direction in the early years and support the vision and its. ABOUT US. BOSTON URBAN PARTNERS is the only firm in the Boston-Cambridge trade area focused solely on retail and restaurant leasing..

In an industry where everyone is advertising themselves as dynamic, innovative and having the best network, how does a . After another successful show, Future Retail Strategies is back in its 5th year!

was a fantastic two days of discussion, information sharing and networking. This could not be achieved with the speakers, delegates and sponsors who supported the event and came ready to make a difference in the retail .

Retail strategies

Retail strategies. Your strategic decisions have a direct effect on the position your retail store occupies in the marketplace. You’ll need to continuously answer the question, “What are you trying to achieve in the retail space?”.

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