Reflection pirates of the silicon valley

The synopsis below may give away important plot points. Synopsis Partially based on the book "Fire in the Valley: Otherwise, why even be here?

Reflection pirates of the silicon valley

What are the factors that contributed to the success and failure of Steve Jobs as a technopreneur? He showed how success can be reached by thinking outside of the box.

He saw things in a broader perspective and was never short of dreams and goals in life.


The Success Factors 1. It was Wozniak who primarily built gadgets for Jobs to sell. At such a young age, he envisioned of toppling down IBM. It was like me saying I would be five times richer than Bill Gates a few years from now.

Reaction paper in The Pirates of Silicon Valley

Man, I can foresee I can be as rich as Bill Gates a few years from now, but five times richer? Through his vision he provided himself a guiding path that led him to success.

He was determined to capture what he wanted through every Reflection pirates of the silicon valley possible.

His guts made him take risks. His guts enabled him to inch closer to his vision. His guts brought him to his glory. Steve was very particular on every detail of his products.

And at the end of the day, he really did.

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With that, his creative thinking led to an innovation, he created the first personal computer with a graphical user interface. Come to think of it, innovation was the name of the game since the beginning. The Failure Factors 1. Now that I am man enough do you want to confirm it yourself?

Sounds like a tongue twister right? Bill Gates, the longest-reigning richest man of the modern era is also the cleverest human being I have ever known. Or, maybe Bill was really very good at creating viruses.

Maybe he is the one who is consistently on the top one to three in the Forbes list. Just as I have stated in the beginning, we all have our other sides; opposite sides. Like the yang and the yin and the opposite sides of the coin. But for Steve Jobs, his opposite side was probably too much to handle; for his employees and co-workers to say the least.

He was such a perfectionist that he was torturing his employees just to be able to come up with the best output possible. The man was superbly inconsiderate. But to conclude, basically, Steve Jobs was the one who ruined Steve Jobs. I just hope he has changed for the better.

How do you see yourself as a Technopreneur? That would probably be my response if this question was asked before I enrolled in the elective subject Technopreneurship.

My ultimate dream was to be employed by a highly reputable I. T company here or abroad with good compensation rates of course. I really never thought of putting up my own I. T business because at first look, I really thought that it will involve a lot of money first. But, as classes started for our first elective subject and as several discussions, lectures, and film-viewing were done, my point of view was somewhat altered.

I was proven wrong. T skills, and a combination of the intangibles guts, self-confidence, perseverance, etc. Now as to how do I think I will fare as a technopreneur? But, just to provide an answer to the question, I will base my answer on my instincts and to the realization of who I am and what I have right now.

I guess I will be a good technopreneur someday. I think I have the guts and willpower to put up a business and manage it. T industry, especially in my country and my city. I have a vision right now to make my city the I.Mar 12,  · Pirates of Silicon Valley was a film based on a historical fact regarding on Steve Jobs and how Apple got started and also about Bill Gates and how Microsoft got started.

The movie then proceeds to narrate the events that led to the development of the first Apple computer. After watching the Pirates of Silicon Valley, I have learned lot of things.

Reflection pirates of the silicon valley

The movie was entertaining and interesting because it is about the history of computers and information technology itself, which I am pursuing for a career. I was also inclined with the cast because of their good portrayal of their characters.

Reflection pirates of the silicon valley

Pirates of the Silicon Valley Movie Review In our Technopreneurship 1 class, we were tasked to watch the movie "Pirates of the Silicon Valley" a A reflection on our class discussion (July 6, ).

Jul 22,  · I’m free every Monday) and after I have watched the “Pirates of the Silicon Valley” more than three times, a thought popped out in my mind that is somewhat an improvisation in relation with that golden rule.

Jul 13,  · Reflection (Pirates of the Silicon Valley) Posted on July 13, by jasperneil “Good artists copy, Great artists steal” a quote said by Steve Jobs, defining of the rise and fall of his career as a .

Mar 09,  · reflection on the pirates of silicon valley Posted on March 9, March 15, by Jeaneconomics Nowadays, technology is the most important thing in our society.