Price waterhouse v hopkins summary

May 1, Respondent was a senior manager in an office of petitioner professional accounting partnership when she was proposed for partnership in She was neither offered nor denied partnership but instead her candidacy was held for reconsideration the following year. When the partners in her office later refused to repropose her for partnership, she sued petitioner in Federal District Court under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act ofcharging that it had discriminated against her on the basis of sex in its partnership decisions.

Price waterhouse v hopkins summary

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Background[ edit ] The plaintiff, Ann Hopkinsclaimed she was denied partnership at the firm for two years in a row based on her lack of conformity to stereotypes about how women should act and what they should look like.

Often co-workers described her as aggressive, foul-mouthed, demanding, and impatient with other staff members. During her evaluation, a written comment made by a firm partner stated that what Hopkins needed was a "course in charm school.

Price waterhouse v hopkins summary

Both the district court and the federal circuit court of appeals ruled in Hopkins's favor, but courts disagreed about the level of proof preponderance of evidence versus clear and convincing evidence that employers needed to provide to support their argument that they would have made the same decision absent their sex discrimination.

The case was granted a writ of certiorari and heard before the U. Plurality opinion[ edit ] An important issue in this case concerned the appropriate standard for finding liability in Title VII cases. Price Waterhouse argued that the employee must prove that the employer gave "decisive consideration to an employee's gender, race, national origin, or religion" in making an employment decision in order for the employer to be held liable, and that the employer could escape liability by proving that--even absent the discriminatory aspects of the decisionmaking process-- the outcome would have been the same.

Hopkins argued that the employer's use of discriminatory reasons in its decision-making process should be sufficient to trigger liability. The extent of the consideration, and the result of a hypothetical process not involving the discrimination, could be used to "limit equitable relief," but could not serve as a complete defense as to liability.

They first introduced the term "but-for causation" to describe what Price Waterhouse suggests should be the burden of proof, but rejected its validity as an interpretation of the phrase "because of" in Title VII's section on prohibited actions. The burden shifts, after the plaintiff proves that discrimination played a role, to the employer to make this rebuttal.

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The view across the Coorong near Salt Creek. Case Summary: In Price Waterhouse kaja-net.coms, Ann Hopkins was one of eighty-eight candidates for partnership with the firm, but the only kaja-net.coms brought a Title VII suit, after she was allegedly denied the partnership position for not conforming to stereotypical notions of how a woman should act, dress, and behave.


The New Colossus Summary. In short form, this is a poem that was inspired by the Statue of Liberty. In the poem, Lazarus depicts the Statue of Liberty as a woman who is welcoming all of those who need a home, and she names her the Mother of Exiles.

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