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Pedersen's Main Points Such notions, more often than not, however, were not always carried out. This is important to consider, she argues, as it places the League of Nations into a positive light not yet seen before. The League, she argues, is often seen as a failure since it failed in its original intent of preventing future wars particularly World War Two.

League of nations source work academic writing

Hire Writer In this essay I will discuss the possible strengths and weaknesses of the League. And the issue over Italy wanting to expand their empire and take over Abyssinia. In Japan controlled most of the economy of Manchuria.

league of nations source work academic writing

It owned the important mines, railroads, factories and ports. It kept a large army in the port city of Kwantung to protect these assets. The worldwide depression had hit Japan hard and many people within Japan saw conquering new territory as a way out of the depression. During the night of September 18, Japanese soldiers blew up a section of the Japanese railroad and blamed the explosion on the Chinese and so had an excuse to occupied the city of Shenyang.

China asked for the Leagues help. The League ordered the troops to withdraw. Japan agreed to order the withdrawal of the troops, but the Japanese government did not have control over their troops.

The Japanese army continued to advance into Manchuria. By the end of the Japanese troops had control of the entire province of Manchuria which they renamed Manchukuo. If persuasion did not work, the League could use economic sanctions or military sanctions against the attacker.

Although these were options, none of the members of the League of Nations wanted to use sanctions against Japan.

First, because the Depression had damaged the worlds economy no nation wanted to worsen the damage. Second, the powerful members of the League, Britain and France, did not think that they could enforce the sanctions.

They believed that if they tried to enforce them that Japan would seize Hong Kong and Singapore. Italy wanted to expand its overseas colonies and in October invaded Abyssinia. The League condemned Italy and introduced economic sanctions which, however did not incluse a ban on exports of coal, oil and steel to Italy.

These are vital to modern warfare. So half-hearted were the sanctions that Italy was able to complete the conquest of Abyssina by May A few weeks later sanctions were abandoned and Mussolini had flouted theLaeague.

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Britain and France had not wanted to antagonise Mussolini and had even tried to form a secret deal with him during the invasion to give him two thirds of Abyssinia.

They did not want to push him into an alliance with Hitler. Mussolini was annoyed by the sanctions anyway and began to draw closer to Hitler; small states lost faith in the League; and Hitler himself was encouraged to break the Versailles Treaty.

Afterthe League was not taken seriously again. Some of the other failures were Disarmament Commission — this committee made no progress in persuading the member states to reduce armaments, though all had agreed to do so when they agreed to the covenant of the League of Nations. The main reason for this was the act from self interest of countries not to reduce their armaments in the case of future wars, and countires wanting power seeked only through armaments.

Poland and Lithuania — The two countries had rivial claims to Vilna. The Conference of Ambassadors was formed to deal with problems arising out of the Versailles Treaty. And the Corfu Incident — A group of ambassadors was working on a boundary dispute between Greece and Albania.

An Italian General was sent to investigate and he was shot in Greece. The reasons for the shooting were never clear, but Mussolini immediately ordered the shelling of Corfu, a Greek island and demanded heavy compensation.

The League offered a solution, but the Conference of Ambassadors rejected it and rewrote one in favour of Italy upon heavy pressure from Italy and Mussolini.

Despite failures of the league, there was also many successes especially in more smaller less international schemes:Columbia and New York City. Founded in , Columbia University ranks among the top 10 universities and is a member of the Ivy League, eight of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the United States.

This office is your primary source for academic questions, including those about the School’s policies, procedures, and. Jane Addams (September 6, – May 21, ), known as the "mother" of social work, was a pioneer American settlement activist/reformer, social worker, public philosopher, sociologist, public administrator, protestor, author, and leader in women's suffrage and world peace.

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The League of Nations was formed after the First World War, during at a close time of the signing of the Treaty Of Versailles. The League was the brainchild of Woodrow Wilson of America, but despite it being his vision, America never joined the League.

It was an organisation set up to settle international [ ]. for a League of Nations () League to Enforce academic and professional experts, mostly from universities, who had Source: League of Nations, Intellectual Co‐Operation Organization, National Committees on Intellectual Co‐operation, Geneva.

league of nations source work academic writing

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The Guardians: The League of Nations and the Crisis of Empire. By: Susan Pedersen. Throughout Susan Pedersen’s book The Guardians: The League of Nations and the Crisis of Empire, the author examines the creation and legacy of the League of Nations following World War kaja-net.com particular, Pedersen focuses on the League’s mandates system that was implemented to oversee colonial .

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