Julies biscuit background

By Michael Bradley Posted July 07, Treating Pauline Hanson as a circus freak for our mock horror and cheap titillation does no service to anyone.

Julies biscuit background

Those of us affected by disability are certainly aware of the push to remove as many as possible from benefits, with the many mistakes and miscarriages of justice that that involves. We live in a time of high unemployment where the discourse from our leaders seems to suggest that there are unlimited jobs out there for the taking and that those who are on benefits are simply too lazy to work.

There is an ideology behind the Conservative-led plans for welfare, for how welfare claimants are described and viewed. That ideology has Christian elements, it was born in Christian Europe and informs the sensibilities of our professedly Christian Ministers of State.

In Judaic and early Christian times, work was seen as a curse, something we have to do but not as something we would want to do unless we had to. This view came from the very start of the Bible, in Genesis.

Some Jewish sources state that the work of Adam was to study the Law and keep its commands, and that Eden is the Law itself Gill while others comment that Adam was not to be idle, but that the work would be more in the way of recreation than work as we know it now for.

From this, early commentators took the Julies biscuit background that work is a curse, not something to be sought out, and that in common with Greek and Roman paganism the best thing is to acquire enough wealth that work never needs to be a problem again. In other references in the Bible, work is described as a necessary evil, something that must be done in order to avoid poverty Proverbs Luther taught that we serve God through our work, and that all callings are of equal dignity, although he did not believe that workers should change occupation or seek to move socially.

Calvin, on the other hand, taught that movement between classes was to be desired. Calvinists believe in predestination, that those who are saved elect have been chosen to be so since before they were born.

However there is no way to know for certain who is elect, but there are some signs that might give a clue. A person who is hardworking and successful, and who accumulates wealth, is more likely to be elect than someone who is idle and profligate. At the time of the Reformation there was an explosion in population growth and high inflation, which led to poverty, unemployment and begging in the streets of cities.

At that time those poor were blamed for their poverty, with others viewing them as lazy and simply unwilling to work. These views — or those like them — are still present today. Our society teaches that to be wealthy is the ultimate good, and those who have acquired wealth particularly by their own endeavour are to be admired, imitated and envied.

We may not put it so bluntly that we serve God by working, but in the absence of a strong Christian statement we believe in money as the thing to be served. The government often says that work is the cure for social ills such as antisocial behaviour, child truancy, petty crime, the recent riots, etc.

Julies biscuit background

It also contends that work helps those who are disabled, particularly those who are mentally ill, and is helpful to the mental and physical states of all who engage in it.

Cameron owes a debt to the former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in his thinking on welfare. I believe she articulated the beliefs behind this purge on welfare, and — assuming that he does in truth hold to a Christian faith — that this is the sort of faith he believes in.

Paul to the Thessalonians. I would point out in this that the unemployed and the disabled are not, in the vast majority of cases, unwilling to work but are simply unable. Yet Cameron seems to think that those who are not working are doing so because they do not wish to work.

Julies biscuit background

I have seen Christians argue that there should be no welfare state, that money for the disabled and the unemployed should be provided, if at all, from private charity.Julies Custom wedding Figurines.

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