Indigenous studies

ISP launched its undergraduate minor during the Fall semester. Environmental Studies and Geography Hometown: I was actually working the Crimson and Blue event for the Geography department and talking with incoming freshman.

Indigenous studies

Conferences and other events AIPA will provide leadership on issues related to the social and emotional wellbeing and mental health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Indigenous studies

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people will have access to equitable, timely, safe, sustainable, evidence-based psychological care that respects and promotes their cultural integrity, regardless of where they live.

Psychology in Australia will be responsive to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, values and belief systems and will be grounded in holistic Indigenous perspectives and the determinants of social and emotional wellbeing.

The number of Indigenous entrants into undergraduate and postgraduate psychology programs, across all specialties, will increase and parity within the profession will be improved.

AIPA will be the professional body responsible for quality control of workshops and training programs related to the application of psychology in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander contexts. AIPA will engage in research to generate improved policy and social and emotional wellbeing and mental health outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.The Journal of Indigenous Studies (French: La Revue des Études Indigènes) was a multilingual, biannual, peer-reviewed academic journal.

Indigenous studies

It was established in and was sponsored by the Gabriel Dumont Institute, a Métis-directed educational and cultural entity in Saskatoon (Saskatchewan, Canada), affiliated with the University of Regina.

Our Indigenous Studies Program brings the richness and depth of Indigenous knowledge and cultures to the classroom. The program, designed for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous students, allows students to explore the intellectual traditions of many Indigenous peoples, with an emphasis on the Haudenosaunee and .

NAISA is the largest scholarly organization that engages Indigenous issues and communities. Our international and interdisciplinary membership is comprised of professional academics, students, independent scholars, community-based educators and elders.

I found the Indigenous Studies table and ended up taking a pamphlet on it. What ISP course was your favorite/had the most effect on your perspective, research direction, etc.?

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My favorite class was a class I took abroad called Aboriginal Sydney. Learn from exceptional faculty with backgrounds in both Western and Indigenous knowledge, and experience cross-cultural learning. Learn how Indigenous peoples in Canada and around the world are shaping our globe through a creative blend of Indigenous and Western knowledge.

You will study the historical and contemporary interactions between Indigenous and non-Indigenous . College of Social and Behavioral Sciences A community of change-makers at Northern Arizona University. The College of Social and Behavioral Sciences (SBS) includes diverse academic programs living under our umbrella, each threaded together by a shared mission.

Centre for Indigenous Family History Studies