How to write a great fanfiction

The question I want to ask is, why is it not popular? The fact is, there are a number of things that can go wrong. Prior Preparation Yes, you have to prepare before you can actually start writing the crossover.

How to write a great fanfiction

I'm perhaps the world's worst fanboy and therefore fanfiction would be the last genre I'd be likely to write.

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Fortunately, I never let lack of familiarity with a topic stand in the way of sharing my opinion about it. So if it entered my head to write a fanfiction piece, here's what I'd consider: Does the work have a large cadre of dedicated fans?

Writing a book can be fun, but it's also a lot of work. You don't want to do it only to discover there is hardly anyone on Earth interested in reading about your topic. So first and foremost, you want to pick a work, preferably a series exploring the target character, that has lots of dedicated fans.

Get to know a group of the fan base. Forums or clubs of fans are great resources to join if you're planning a piece of fanfiction. What are fans fascinated by in the character?

Joining a group or groups is not just fertile ground in which to grow your ideas, it's a great way to meet some dedicated fans that will develop and interest in your work, help with ideas, criticism and perhaps even continuity editing, and help promote the work when it is done.

While it's most common in fanfiction to just adopt an already fleshed-out character and put them in some new setting, that's not the only avenue open to you. The main character from some existing works might adopt a sidekick, friend, lover or savior.

how to write a great fanfiction

Whatever route you take, develop that character in your head. Get to know them. How do they handle stress, disagreement, success and failure? Study the work you are basing your fanfiction on. Make sure your ideas hold true to it. Don't get too creative. Because original authors do have permission to take off on new tangents with their work, it might be good to pick a set of works which is complete, or at least mature enough that it's unlikely the target character will suddenly take a new turn in the original author's work.

Don't let your ideas transmogrify the original character. Fans are going to want to recognize their favorite character as authentic to the original work. It might be fun to engage in your own flight of fancy, but if that's what you really wish to do, consider abandoning fanfiction and instead launching your own new work.

Fanfiction must appeal to a group of readers already intimately familiar with the character. Think about what you wish to explore. Are you going to put the well-known character in an alternate universe?

Are you going to trace what would have happened if they didn't die? Play with the who, what, when, where and why alternatives to create a plot that remains true to your character but gives them a new set of circumstances to live through.

Get as professional an editor as you can afford. You want your work reviewed for typos and grammar errors, but also for continuity.Fan fiction (also called fanfic, ff, or fic) is the term applied to a work of fiction written by a fan of an original work, rather than by the original creator.

Fanfic is often about characters or settings from fiction, but it can also be a fictional work about real people, such as musicians, actors, or reality TV stars. Apr 15,  · So please, let us be good influences to the other’s who wish to write great stories of their own one day~ Yehet!

*TIP #5: Random & Helpful Tips* All the tips shown here are what I think should be common sense to become a successful Fanfic writer.

How to Write a Sex Scene This is a (ahem) sensitive subject, but it’s truly worth discussing, simply because writing a good sex scene can be so difficult. Below you will find several resources with tips for writing a good sex scene.

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how to write a great fanfiction

As such the writing in 'How to Write a Good Fanfic' will likely lean more towards helping writers who work with fictional fandoms rather then non-fictional ones – there may still be something the latter writers can use to their benefit.

I also refer to works based on non-fictional fandoms as popfic or .

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