Free writing and looping louie

Posted on August 20, by pat thomson Free writing is probably the most common and talked up strategy for getting your writing going. Free writing is when you write continuously without stopping. It is often used in conjunction with a timer — the pomodoro. Free writing is used to generate ideas, to unstick a problem, to discover new perspectives.

Free writing and looping louie

That's the best word I can think of to describe this story. At first glance, it's the story of an apocalypse -- a nuclear attack accidentally releases enough methane into the air to cause catastrophic global warming and resulting hurricanes. But it doesn't take much of a peek beneath the surface to see that this story is a classic scifi lover's utopia.

Free writing and looping louie are we going? What is the nature of humanity? I got all this and more as I slowly grew to realize that the apocalypse Immense. I got all this and more as I slowly grew to realize that the apocalypse in this story is more of a motivating factor than a real theme and that what was happening to Louie and Carla was far, far more interesting.

Going back to the "immense" comment -- this story was told in a true omniscient viewpoint, and though this is not usually my preference, I have to say that it was a good choice for a novel set on such a global scale.

I even enjoyed some of the tales that would never be told -- viewpoints that were washed away to see. Then of course, there's what happened to Louie and Carla. I don't want to say too much for the sake of spoilers, but writing about their experiences is an unenviable task for any mere mortal.

I do have the usual concern that this book will be dated. It's set in from a copyright date and as with many of my favorite classic authors, he predicted a great deal of advancement that has not and certainly will not come to pass in the next 13 years.


Not to mention political realities that seem far-fetched and honestly would have seemed far-fetched in I often think scifi needs to cast its dates further afield, if for now other reason so that your work won't be dated in your own lifetime.

And if it does become dated inwell, it still stands as a testament to what we thought of the future way back when. In the case of Assimov, Heinlein, and other greats whose predictions have come and gone, I think it does stand as a testament to their own times. I'm concerned that this might be less the case here, especially since there has been so much technological advancement sincejust in wildly different ways than predicted.

free writing and looping louie

Perhaps I should wait until to make this call -- if I'm still around doing reviews then, someone remind me and I'll update this one. My biggest concern with this story was XV, a technology that allows people to broadcast their thoughts. It takes over journalism the way we know it as people want to experience the news rather than simply see it.

Setting aside that our understanding of the human brain is so limited, making this unlikely in the near future, let's assume it happens. I'm just not sure that people will really want to stay plugged in to someone else's thoughts and perceptions all the time.

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You could argue that people don't often think for themselves all the time and really like others to do their thinking for them, but the word "effectively" needs to go in there somewhere -- because people like to think they're unique and thinking for themselves.

Of course, that's just the sort of debatable "criticism" that makes this a thought-provoking read. Scifi should do that, if it's any good -- get you thinking and maybe disagreeing. If you're a scifi fan, I really recommend this!

View Vyshantha Simha’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. support work and writing test automation scripts. Looping Louie. October – March Title: UX Researcher, Web & Mobile . A calendar of events for the Johnson County, KS area and the metropolitan Kansas City area with Arts and cultural activities throughout the region. Louie is back in school. Since he's on a balanced school year, he gets six weeks in the summer and three for fall, winter and spring. The greatest pleasure I found during summer break was the opportunity to just be a mom.

Lots of bad stuff happens worldwide, but the author isn't able to convey this emotionally or globally. If you want to read a good kitchen sink novel about weather, sex, and grit, skip this and go immediately to River of Gods by Ian McDonald.

Oct 25, John Burt rated it it was amazing This is the book which introduced me to methane clathrates, and to the importance they could come to have for us all. Darn the luck that in this universe, clathrates are real and thiotimoline and cavorite are fictititous.

The predictions in this book which have aged best are, unfortunately, the ones I would rather had not: What we have in This is the book which introduced me to methane clathrates, and to the importance they could come to have for us all.

What we have in is a United Nations which is as impotent as ever, and the clathrates are giving up their methane without needing any more of a push than our continued burning of fossil fuels.

We don't have full-sensorium television, but Barnes' depiction of television news as ideologically-correct infotainment is far more painfully accurate today than it was in We're nowhere near to having minds uploaded to AIs, but the wind speed of hurricanes is indeed increasing.

I just hope Barnes was incorrect about the upper limit to wind speed, and that it won't actually be possible for hurricane winds to go faster than sound. I'm not quite ready to say I'd prefer Barnes' fictional world over our own, but it isn't yet, and by then, the situation of the characters in this book or the ones who survive it, anyway may be entirely enviable compared with our own.Loopin Louie Game Swooping Looping Chicken Chasing Fun Hasbro Email to friends Share on Facebook - opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter - opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest - opens in a new window or tab/5(5).

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How a writer can use unique writing styles to portray meaningful experiences and enhance reader connections. Culture is a powerful lens through which individuals view, understand, and explain the world.

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