Eddie mabo speech

Aunty Clara Ogleby, I begin by acknowledging and paying my respects to the Kuku Yalanji people, Traditional Owners of the place upon which we sit and talk today. I honour your Elders that have come before you, those that are here today and I wait in optimistic anticipation for those Elders who are yet to emerge.

Eddie mabo speech

The AAPA, officially launched in Februarywas the 'first Aboriginal political organisation to create formal links between communities over a wide area'. They had also been associated with two visits that world renowned black American boxer Jack Johnson had made to Sydney in the early s.

This slogan was identical to the motto of UNIA, and many of the policies of the AAPA reflected the ideas of Garvey in regard to black self-esteem, self-reliance and economic independence. It eventually faded out in aroundbut its legacy was still to be seen in the ideas of future generations of indigenous activists.

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Significant alliances, strategies and future leaders are developed. Salt Pan Creek had been a site of Indigenous resistance from as early as Septemberwhen Tedbury son of Pemulwuy was involved in a skirmish that saw Frederick Meredith, one of the first two white farmers in the area, injured with a spear wound and forced to abandon his farm.

Being between two arms of Salt Pan Creek, the area was probably an important food source for the Aborigines, who no doubt viewed with dismay the intention of Meredith and fellow white farmer William Bond to settle, clear and cultivate it.

Under the prevailing assimilation policies of the NSW APB, they were told that they were "too white" to receive rations because they were not 'predominantly Aboriginal blood'. White supporters in the AAL included trade unionist A. White feminist Helen Bailie and Bill Ferguson join in collecting signatures for the petition.

After previously pursuing a policy whereby only those who were of 'predominantly Aboriginal blood' were recognised as Aboriginal, the APB now insisted that anyone who was deemed to have 'any Aboriginal blood' could be brought under its control.

He is called A. He was being removed from Kinchea after a Police investigation had found that he was an indebted drunkard and had been sadistic in his treament of Aboriginal boys in the Home, beating them with hosepipes and stockwhips. The North-Eastern wing was led by Jack Patten, a charismatic orator and one who had learned his politics growing up in Salt Pan Creek, and who attracted a strange alliance of white supporters from Australian nationalist circles.

Eddie mabo speech

The united front begins an intense and dramatic campaign of public speeches, support meetings and press interviews. The Aborigines League called to white Australia: You have almost exterminated our people, but there are enough of us remaining to expose the humbug of your claim, to be civilised, progressive and humane.

We ask for full citizen rights, including old age pensions, maternity bonus, relief work when unemployed, and the right to a full education for our children. Cooper equates Cumeragunja with 'Nazi concetration camps'. McQuiggan's response was to victimise and intimidate those Cumeragunja residents who had signed Cooper's petition and this resulted in significant disillusionment in Cooper and the AAL.

The resident's response was to call in Jack Patton toward the end of Miles, but with Patten maintaining total editorial control. The newspaper gives Patten not only a vehicle through which to publicise the movement's aims, but also a forum for interaction with the APA's growing membership.

Drechsler, refuses them admittance. As a result of Patten's advice Cumeragunja residents decide to 'walk-off' the reserve in protest at APB policies.

Patten goes to Barmah to telegram an urgent message to NSW Premier demanding an immediate inquiry into McQiggan's 'intimidation, starvation and victimisation' which, he said, was the cause of the protest.

Final Report of the Referendum Council | Referendum Council

McQuiggan's response was to call in police and have Patten and his brother George arrested for 'incitement'. This affected 6, square miles of sheep farming country. Aboriginal strikers were seized by police at revolver point and put in chains. The Pilbara strike was supported by 19 unions in Western Australia, seven federal unions and four Trades and Labour Councils.

In the east, Bill Onus is involved in organising support for the strikers. The Western Australian branch of the Seamen's Union placed a ban on the transport of wool from stations affected by the strike, winning almost immediate concessions from the pastoralists.Mabo’s love for his homeland drove the proud Torres Strait Islander to undertake a year legal battle that rewrote Australia’s history.

In , Eddie Mabo made a speech at James Cook University in Queensland, where he explained his people’s beliefs about the ownership and inheritance of land on Mer. Eddie Mabo believed firmly in his rights, and went forward to fight for his people (Loos, & Mabo, ).

About Eddie Mabo Leadership Aattributes He gave a clarification during his speech in in Queensland regarding his kin’s convictions. Eddie Koiki Mabo was born in on Mer Island known as Murray Island, one of the Torres Strait kaja-net.com mum died shortly after his birth and he was raised by his Uncle & Aunty.

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We’ve taken on the challenge of narrowing it down to just 50, from politicians and businessmen to artists and activists. Redfern Community Centre Friday Night Speakers. Speech by Tom Calma, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner, 1 April Opening statement to the Senate Select Committee on the Administration of Indigenous Affairs By Mr Tom Calma, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander.

Past programs by date. Panellists: Norman Doidge, Psychiatrist and Author of The Brain’s Way of Healing; Caitlin Doughty, Mortician and Author of Smoke Gets in Your Eyes: And Other Lessons from.

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