Ecuadorian culture facts and figures essay

The predominant and official language is Spanish, in addition to Quechua and other pre-colonial American languages. Society and Culture Ecuadorians Ecuador is far from homogenous. There are more than 14 indigenous groups on the mainland each with their own identities and nuances.

Ecuadorian culture facts and figures essay

Most come here to visit the Galapagos Islands, but quickly discover so much more, whether in the Amazon, the Andes or the coast. These are our 10 interesting facts about Ecuador which fascinated us when we visited.

A photo posted by Nomadic Boys nomadicboys on Oct 24, at 6: Initially, the country was made up of various indigenous tribes. The first invaders were the Incas followed by the Spanish in the s.

Ecuadorian culture facts and figures essay

Even the plugs in Ecuador are the same as the volts ones used in the US. The first two sites that made it to the list were in Ecuador: Three other sites from Ecuador were subsequently added to the list: Chivas are small commuter buses that have been converted into party buses complete with a DJ booth, obligatory stripper dance pole and gallons of canelazo to be consumed.

Sometimes they even have a live band on board. The chivas drive you around the city for several hours while you drink, dance and be merry.

A photo posted by Nomadic Boys nomadicboys on Nov 7, at 4: Its location along the Equator means it has natural light throughout the year, perfect for cultivating flowers. But the best part? A photo posted by Nomadic Boys nomadicboys on Nov 11, at 6: At the bottom of the TeleferiQo is a fun amusement park called VulQano and at the top several viewpoints to get your money shot of the city below.

Instead, this system celebrates nature and recognises that we are a part of it. Public transportation is really cheap in Ecuador, but why use buses when you can get a taxi for a fraction of what it would cost at home.

Whether you go diving, hiking or just lay on the beach all day long, you need travel insurance. However, international flights to Ecuador can be pricey.

Their website is very easy to use and they always offer the best prices. You can even search for the cheapest flights for any given month. When we plan a holiday, we use Tripadvisor to research the best places to stay and activities to do.Ecuador has 4 diverse regions: the Amazon Rain forest, the Coast, the highland Andes, and the Galapagos Archipelago.

Ecuador's People

The Sierra is the heartland of Ecuador's indigenous culture. The oldest cultures of America lived on the Ecuadorian coast.

Whether it’s nature, wildlife, culture, anthropology or language, this diverse country is sure to impress. Here are the most interesting facts about Ecuador we picked up .

This is our 10 interesting facts about Ecuador, a country in Latin America that is completely underestimated and just kept on surprising us.


Current, accurate and in depth facts on Ecuador. Unique cultural information provided. 35, + pages CountryReports - Your World Discovered! Ecuador Customs and Culture Ecuador Facts. Ecuador stats.

Capital Quito Government Type presidential republic Currency the US dollar became Ecuador's currency in Population .

Introduction to Indian Culture [Essay on Indian Culture] Indian Culture: India is a diverse nation of different religion, culture, tradition, food and living style.

Culture of Ecuador - history, people, women, beliefs, food, customs, family, social, marriage

It is mostly famous for its population, film industry, food and inventions. India has so many interesting and amazing facts to boast upon/5(). Ecuador has ranked last for maritime claims > continental shelf since 2 Ecuador is a country in South America which, along with some of its neighboring countries, forms a part of the huge and advanced Inca Empire.

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