Custom paper size java

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Custom paper size java

custom paper size java

The application draws the content to be printed onto these canvases in the form of shapes, colors, text and images. In actual fact, the canvases are represented by instances of the Android Canvas class, thereby providing access to a rich selection of drawing options.

Once all the pages have been drawn the document is then printed. Whilst this sounds simple enough, there are actually a number of steps that need to be performed to make this happen, each of which can be summarized as follows: Page instances Obtain references to the Canvas objects associated with the document pages Draw content onto the canvases Write the PDF document to a destination output stream provided by the Printing framework Notify the Printing framework that the document is ready to print In this chapter, an overview of these steps will be provided followed by a detailed tutorial designed to demonstrate the implementation of custom document printing within Android applications.

When printing HTML and images, much of this work is performed by the print custom paper size java provided as part of the Android Printing framework and designed for these specific printing tasks. When printing a web page, for example, a print adapter is created for us when a call is made to the createPrintDocumentAdapter method of an instance of the WebView class.

In the case of custom document printing, however, it is the responsibility of the application developer to design the print adapter and implement the code to draw and format the content in preparation for printing. Custom print adapters are created by sub-classing the PrintDocumentAdapter class and overriding a set of callback methods within that class which will be called by the Printing framework at various stages in the print process.

These callback methods can be summarized as follows: Implementation of this method within the PrintDocumentAdapter sub-class is optional. This method should adapt the content and layout where necessary to accommodate these changes.

Once these changes are completed, the method must return a count of the number of pages to be printed. Implementation of the onLayout method within the PrintDocumentAdapter sub-class is mandatory.

custom paper size java

Amongst other arguments, this method is passed a file descriptor to which the resulting PDF document must be written once rendering is complete. A call is then made to the onWriteFinished callback method passing through an argument containing information about the page ranges to be printed.

Implementation of the onWrite method within the PrintDocumentAdapter sub-class is mandatory. Name the application and project CustomPrint, enter a suitable package name or com. As with previous examples, request the creation of a blank activity and the use of the default launcher icons.

Drag and drop a Button view from the Form Widgets section of the palette and position it in the center of the layout view. On completion, the user interface layout should match that shown in Figure Figure When the button is selected within the application it will be required to call a method to initiate the document printing process.

Assuming that the layout has been configured correctly, the completed XML should now read as follows: This example will require a print adapter with the onLayout and onWrite callback methods implemented. The constructor takes as an argument the context of the calling activity which is then stored so that it can be referenced later in the two callback methods.

With the outline of the class established, the next step is to begin implementing the two callback methods, beginning with onLayout. With the variables declared, implement the onLayout method as outlined in the following code listing:Examples. The following code example populates the comboPaperSize combo box with the printer's supported paper sizes.

In addition, a custom paper size is created and added to the combo box. The PaperName is identified as the property that will provide the display string for the item being added through the DisplayMember property of the combo box.

The example assumes that a PrintDocument. Uses of Class Packages that use Paper ; Package Description; Provides the public classes for the JavaFX Printing API. Specifies the North American Number 10 business envelope size, inches by inches.

static Paper: Paper. TABLOID. Specifies the tabloid size, 11 inches by 17 inches. The following are top voted examples for showing how to use examples are extracted from open source projects.

You can vote up the examples you like and your votes will be used in . Java Printing page size problem. June 17, The graphics object is an ‘abstract’ concept which is then scaled down to fit the printed page by page size is set and Java prints it all for you.

Here is some example code Paper paper = new Paper(); //Create default Page format A4 To use a given paper size you will need to set the.

Setting paper size for printing.

Custom Print Adapters. The role of the print adapter is to provide the Printing framework with the content to be printed, and to ensure that it is formatted correctly for the user’s chosen preferences (taking into consideration factors such as paper size and page orientation).

PageFormat pf = kaja-net.comtPage(); kaja-net.comer(paper); kaja-net.comntable(this, pf); If you want custom paper size, you need to forward it to print method as an argument (which Java will do for you but you must pass it to setPrintable method).

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