Coachella festival business plan

Our support in developing a music festival business plan Music festivals are popular events offering a diversity of music and entertainers. The music industry is broad and includes classical, country, pop, rock and roll, and many others. Many music festivals offer a variety of music and set up multiple stages so people can choose to listen to their preferred types of music.

Coachella festival business plan

However, one area where business is booming is music festivals, revenues from which continue to increase annually and add heavily to the bottom line of the music industry.

coachella festival business plan

Inin the U. And attendance has steadily climbed over the years for most music festivals in the U. Undoubtedly, local community businesses gain tremendously from the touristic traffic.

In any form of entertainment, if there is a targeted demographic and high viewership, there will be big advertising dollars. And music festivals are no different. Corporate sponsors play a huge role in the music festival ecosystem, with sponsorship dollars being the third largest revenue stream for festivals, behind only ticket sales and concessions.

Festivals allow sponsors to maximize their advertising budget on a highly curated both demographically and geographically and captivated audience. InNielsen Music reported that about The sponsorship efforts at large music festivals are no longer limited to some well-placed logos around the venue and in media.

Indeed, sponsors are getting more and more creative in the way that they interact and appeal to festivalgoers. For example, at the Bonnarroo Music and Arts FestivalGarnier provided festival attendees with hair washing stations in order to offer a creative solution to the heat problem that many summer festivals face and Mattel offered multiple gaming tents to give attendees something amusing to do during dance breaks.

coachella festival business plan

The revenue received from these sponsorship fees allows promoters to keep making festivals bigger and more attractive without the cost shifting to the consumer in the form of increased ticket prices.

With more revenues and larger production budgets, festivals in recent years have been able to attract A-List talent. And, in turn, more artists now prefer festivals over touring on their own. Even more so than A-List artists, the biggest financial beneficiaries in the industry are the festival promoters.

Something as simple as bad weather could cause tremendous financial loss to a promoter. Live Nation and AEG Live, the two most dominant promoters in the industry, operate the most successful festivals around the world. When serving as production counsel for a music festival, U.

Law Group provides legal services in various areas including, without limitation, i financing; ii intellectual property protection; iii negotiating with venues and vendors; iv structuring sponsorship deals; v negotiating and drafting artist performer agreements; vi procuring permits, licensing, and insurance; and vii advising on and structuring distribution deals.

The business of music festivals and, more broadly, live music events is a specialty of U. Additionally, managing attorney Usman Shaikh represents cutting edge startups UphoricTV and EDMTVeach of whom produces and distributes various content related to music festivals across multiple digital platforms, adding to U.

To learn more about U.Coachella is SoCal’s premier music festival, where everyone comes to see and be seen. It can be a nonstop rollercoaster of a weekend with incredible headliners and up-and-coming artists performing from start to finish everyday.

Selfie Made: Inside Revolve’s Influencer-Infused Coachella Experience It’s exactly as you thought and then some. Behind the endless gifting, parties and selfies of one of Revolve’s biggest. Watch video · Tickets go on sale Friday (June 1) at 11 a.m. PT and will be available to purchase at the festival’s will be the only time to buy festival passes using Coachella’s payment plan.

The accusation targets Coachella's layaway plan, which requires purchasers to forfeit all money applied to their ticket if they are more than 10 days late on a payment. to uphold good business.

Apr 09,  · At issue is a "contractual restriction" that Soul'd Out says prohibits artists who perform at Coachella from playing "at any other festival or themed event within a distance that extends over. Watch #Coachella LIVE streaming on @YouTube 4//

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