Calamansi jam

So far this Calamondin Orange Marmalade is one of my favorites. Last year I spotted this cute little orange plant growing in a hanging basket at Lowes. I was intrigued by this little orange tree. I had never heard of a calamondin orange before.

Calamansi jam

Have I told you how much I love chicken rice? I have been known to eat chicken rice and char siu rice popular in Malaysia and Singapore everyday for 3 weeks and I have never gotten sick of it.

Calamansi jam

Up to Calamansi jam day, even when I return home to Malaysia, I would harp Madam Mummy or the Boy to take me out to my favourite chicken rice shops so that I can indulge. Luckily for me, my man and beloved husband is a great cook and has learnt that to keep his wife happy is to feed her.

Feed her all the things she loves to eat. That way no nagging will ensue and there is peace and quiet in the house until the next meal Calamansi jam of course. Trim off any excess fat and skin from the chicken and keep it aside this will be used for the rice in Step 2. Grab a handful of coarse or kosher salt and start rubbing all over the skin but at the same time being careful not to tear or damage the skin.

You should see a smooth clean skin once completed. The next step is to give your chicken a work out! Boil a large pot of water that can fit a whole chicken with the carrots and 2 spring onion stalks. Rub chicken cavity with light soy sauce.

Fill it with garlic cloves, ginger slices and remaining 2 spring onion stalks. Switch heat off, cover with lid and let it stand in the pot for 40 minutes.

Take chicken out keep poaching stock and empty the cavity. Leave aside to cool for minutes before cutting into desired pieces. Wash the rice with 3 to 4 changes of water to remove excess starch and other impurities.

Calamansi jam

Soak for 10 minutes and drain once completed. Remember that excess chicken fat and skin at the start of Step 1? To do so, heat a wok on medium heat and add the chicken fat with 2 tablespoons of water. Bring it down to a low simmering boil for about 10 minutes until oil is released from the fat.

Transfer oil into a small bowl. In the same wok, pour 2 Tablespoons of the chicken oil. Add garlic and ginger and fry until fragrant approx.

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Transfer all ingredients into a rice cooker. Add chicken stock and pandan leaf and cook rice until done. Once cooked, use a fork to fluff the rice. Season with salt and pepper. Simmer or keep warm on very low heat until ready to serve. Do this easily by cutting a slit along the chilli lengthwise and remove the seeds by scrapping away using the sharp end of the knife.

Keep the seeds if you prefer it spicy. Grab a mortar and pestle. Add chillies, garlic and ginger and start pounding.BEVERAGE: Fresh Juice Watermelon Lemon Lime Cucumber Calamansi with Sour Plum Honey Dew Apple Carrot Grapefruit Orange Mango: RM RM RM Chili Espresso Special.

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Pablo Bistro represents the essence of gourmet global gastronomy. It is an exciting fusion of cuisines inspired by European, Mediterranean, Spanish and International flavors. Chicken rice! Have I told you how much I love chicken rice? There’s just something about it that keeps you wanting more.

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