And the bond cannot be broken

Synagogue shooting sparks massive increase in donations to Jewish groups American Judaism is broken. American Judaism is broken because the Jewish left broke it. It was popularized in the s and s by radicals like Michael Lerner, who founded the extreme left-wing magazine, Tikkun.

And the bond cannot be broken

He learned his trade in the army and after the First World War worked in the oil fields of Oklahoma. A welder on pipelines had to be very skilled and to obtain his job my grandfather had to pass rigorous tests. In his day, acetylene welding was the method used to bond metal together.

This required a hot acetylene torch for heat and a rod of metal that was melted to form the bond between the pieces of iron. My grandfather was especially proud of one of the tests he passed.

This particular challenge required the welder to bond two 4 inch thick pieces of iron together. These heavy pieces of iron were tapered down to a sharp edge facing each other where the bond would be welded. This small surface area required precision and skillful welding if it were to hold.

At the other end of each piece a huge press clamped down onto the hunks of iron. After each welder created his molten bond of metal, the gigantic press would begin to pull and register how much tension was required to break the weld.

My grandfather approached this test with cautious confidence. He took his torch in hand, lit it, grabbed an appropriate metal rod and began to work his magic.

As he peered through the dark welding goggles sweat droplets grew on his forehead. The bright torch flame melted the rod easily as my grandfather worked the molten metal into the small seam between the iron blocks.

Carefully and with wise judgment he bonded the iron shafts together at their small tips. Finished with his craft, he stood up and switched off his torch. A humble smile formed on his aged weather-beaten face. The supervisors turned on the mighty press. The press strained as pistons and gears screamed in their attempts to split the small bond of metal.

In some way, my grandfather had crafted a bond of metal stronger than the iron itself. My grandfather was granted permission to keep the iron bars he had welded so skillfully to honor his ability.

As Christians we have a similar bond with our Heavenly Father. It does not depend on our faith, our deeds, our skills or us; its substance comes from Jesus Christ Himself. When we accept Christ as our Savior we are bonded to God. We become part of an eternal heavenly family.

We may falter, we may stumble, we may even fall, but the strong arms of our Savior grasp us tightly never to let us go. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged. Satan and his demons will also seek to break this bond of love and grace. We feel the stress when this happens and often groan with pain as we endure the pressures that strive to break our spiritual bond.

The power of the mighty Holy Spirit holds our bond to the Father no matter what forces are gathered. Our emotions may waver, our faith may be tested, our flesh may fail, but the power of our omnipotent Heavenly Father and His saving grace holds the spiritual bond firm.

As a child of God, not even death can break the bond we have with our Heavenly Father.The family bond that cannot be broken By Tony Lobl From the July 10, issue of the Christian Science Sentinel. In our heart of hearts, none of us wants our family ties to be broken. That stands to reason, because we each have a spiritual sense within us—a capacity to see beyond the many material details of our lives, to what God knows.

Christ establishes the bond we have as Christians with our Lord. It’s security rests in His character and power.

And the bond cannot be broken

It is a strong and stable bond that cannot be broken by any force. History. In , G. N. Lewis proposed that a chemical bond forms by the interaction of two shared bonding electrons, with the representation of molecules as Lewis the Heitler–London theory was formulated which for the first time enabled the calculation of bonding properties of the hydrogen molecule H 2 based on quantum mechanical considerations.

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And the bond cannot be broken
A Bond That Cannot Be Broken – What The Fertility