An introduction to the crash between a klm 747 and a pan am 747

Because of warnings of a possible second bomb, the airport was closed. A large number of flights were diverted to Tenerife, a. Las Palmas Airport opened to traffic again at

An introduction to the crash between a klm 747 and a pan am 747

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Kennedy International Airport at hours. After the aeroplane was refuelled and a crew change effected, it took off for Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Spain at While the aeroplanes were en route to Las Palmas, a bomb exploded in the airport passenger terminal. On account of this incident and of a warning regarding a possible second bomb, the airport was closed.

For the same reason, PAA proceeded to the same airport, which was its alternate, landing at At first the KLM passengers were not allowed to leave the aeroplane, but after about twenty minutes they were all transported to the terminal building by bus.

The true story behind the deadliest air disaster of all time

On alighting from the bus, they received cards identifying them as passengers in transit on Flight KL Later, all the passengers boarded KLM expect the H. Company guide, who remained in Tenerife.

When they attempted to taxi on the taxiway leading to runway 12, where they had been parked with four other aeroplanes on account of the congestion caused by the number of flights diverted to Tenerife, they discovered that it was blocked by KLM BoeingFlightwhich was located between PAA and the entrance to the active runway.

The first officer and the flight engineer left the aeroplane and measured the clearance left by the KLM aircraft, reaching the conclusion that it was insufficient to allow PAA to pass by, obliging them to wait until the former had started to taxi.


The passengers of PAA did not leave the aeroplane during the whole time that it remained in the airport. KLM called the tower at requesting permission to taxi.

It was authorized to do so and at requested to backtrack on runway 12 for take-off on runway KLM acknowledged receipt of this message from the tower, stating that it was at that moment taxiing on the runway, which it would leave by the first taxiway in order to proceed to the approach end of runway The tower signalled its approval, whereupon KLM immediately asked the tower again if what they had asked it to do was to turn left on taxiway one.

The tower replied in the negative and repeated that it should continue on to the end of the runway and there backtrack.

An introduction to the crash between a klm 747 and a pan am 747

The tower controller confirmed this, also adding that they should leave the runway by the third taxiway to their left. The controller also reiterated to PAA that they were to leave the main runway via the third taxiway to their left and that they should report leaving the runway.

At the times indicated, the following conversations took place between the tower and the KLM and PAA aeroplanes. We are now at take-off. A squeal starts at:With a new caption like 'NPA, the Pan Am Boeing involved in the accident, parked at Los Rodeos behind the Dutch airplane'?

BTW: 'The Flying Dutchman' (which is still legible in this low resolution image) is not the name of the plane, but a commercial slogan used by KLM. KLM plane crash – In March of Pan Am flight , was diverted to Tenerife, Canary Islands after the Las Palmas airport experienced an exploding bomb. There were difficulties with communication between the craft and flight control as well as poor visibility.

Continued on Next Page The big town on Tenerife is Santa Cruz, and its airport, beneath a set of cascading hillsides, is called Los Rodeos.
WE GAAN: The Horror and Absurdity of History’s Worst Plane Crash - NYCAviationNYCAviation Development Background Inthe United States Air Force started a series of study projects on a very large strategic transport aircraft.

Pan Am has come from Los Angeles, after a stopover in New York, KLM from its home base in Amsterdam. As it happens, neither plane is supposed to be on Tenerife.

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In , when Pan Am received Boeing's brand-new jumbo jet, Ron had been tapped to be the General Manager of maintenance. The was one big plane, and keeping the new fleet in the air was going to be one big job. Pan AM Boeing & KLM Boeing Crash. By admin | September 28th, | Accident. Related Facts. Permalink Gallery Compilation fatal car accident in USA.

Permalink Gallery Road Rage & Car Crash, Drivers Road Fight. Permalink Gallery Shocking Video that made the whole world cry. The Pan Am aircraft, registered NPA, is no stranger to notoriety.

In January , this very same plane completed the inaugural commercial voyage of a , between New York’s Kennedy airport.

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