An analysis of the united states as one of the few countries left in the world to practice the savag

Is that a fair analysis? CC0 public domain So who ranks the strongest when evaluating countries for capitalism?

An analysis of the united states as one of the few countries left in the world to practice the savag

THE institution of domestic slavery exists over far the greater portion of the inhabited earth. Until within a very few centuries, it may be said to have existed over the whole earth -at least in all those portions of it which had made any advances towards civilization.

We might safely conclude then, that it is deeply founded in the nature of man and the exigencies of human society. Yet, in the few countries in which it has been abolished-claiming, perhaps justly, to be farthest advanced in civilization and intelligence, but which have had the smallest opportunity of observing its true character andcl effects-it is denounced as the most intolerable of social and political evils.

Its existence, and every hour of its continuance, is regarded as the crime of the communities in which it is found. Even by those in the countries alluded to, who regard it with the most indulgence or the least abhorrencewho attribute no criminality to the present generation-who found it in existence, and have not yet been able to devise the means of abolishing it,-it is pronounced amisfortune and a curse injurious and dangerous always, and which must be finally fatal to the societies which admit it.

This is no longer regarded as a subject of argument and investigation. The opinions referred to are asstumed as settled, or the truth of them as self-evident.

If any voice is raised among ourselves to extenuate or to vindicate, it is unheard. The judgment is muade up.

Yet, on this very account, it is more im portant that we, the inhabitants of the slaveholding States ol America, insulated as we are, by this institution, and cut off in some degree, firom the communion and sympathies of the world by which we are surrounded, or with which we have intercourse, and exposed continually to their animadversion: If it be thu: It would be the mos wretched and imbecile fatuity, to shut our eyes to the im pending dangers and horrors, and "drive darkling down th current of our fate," till we are overwhelmed in the final de struction.

If we are tyrants, cruel, unjust, oppressive, let u: But if we are nothing of all this; if we commit no injustice or cruelty; if the maintenance of our institutions be essenltia to our prosperity, our character, our safety, and the safety o all that is dear to us, let us enlightenl our minds and fortifi our hearts to defend them.

The author has rendered inappreciable service to the South in enlightening them on the subject of their own institutions, and turning back that monstrous tide of folly and madness which, if it had rolled on, would have involved his own great State along with the rest of the slaveholding States in a common ruin.

But beyond these, he seems to have produced no effect whatever. The denouncers of Slavery, with whose productions the press groans, seems to be unaware of his existence unaware that there is reason to be encountered or argument to be answered.

They assume that the truth is known and settled, and only requires to be enforced by denunciation. Another vindicator of the South has appeared in an individual who is among those that have done honor to American literature.

He does not live among slaveholders, and it cannot be said of him, as of others, that his mind is warped by interest, or his moral sense blunted by habit and familiarity with abuse.

These circumstances, it might be supposed, would have secured him hearing and consideration. Presideft D aDw shewn that the institution of Slavery is a principal cause of civilization. Perhaps nothing can be more evident than that it is the sole cause. If anything can be predicated as universally true of uncultivated man, it is that he will not labor beyond what is absolutely necessary to maintain his existence.

Even with all the training, the helps and motives of civiliza tion, we find that this aversion cannot be overcome in many individuals of the most cultivated societies. The coercion of Slavery alone is adequate to form man to habits of labor.

Without it, there can be no accumulation of property, no pro vidence for the future, no tastes for comfort or elegancies, which are the characteristics and essentials of civilization. We find confirmed by experience that which is so evident in theory.

Since the existence of man upon the earth, with no exception whatever, either of ancient or modern times, every society which has attained civiliza tion, has advanced to it through this process. Will those who regard Slavery as immoral, or crime in itself, tell us that man was not intended for civilization, but to roam the earth as a biped brute?

That he was not to raise his eyes to heaven, or be conformed in his nobler faculties to the image of his Maker? Or will they say that the Judge of all the earth has done wrong in ordaining the means by which alone that end can be obtained?

It is true that the Creator can make the -wickedness as well as the wrath of man to praise him, and bring forth the most benevolent results from the most atrocious actions. But in such cases, it is the motive of the actor alone which condemns the action.

The act -itself is good, if it promotes the good purposes of God,- and would be approved by himi,if that result only were intended. Do they, not blaspheme the providence of God who denounce as wickedness and outrage, that which is rendered indispensable to his purposes in the government of the world?

I am aware that such argument would have little effect on those with whom it would be degrading to con tend-who pervert the inspired writings-which in some parts expressly sanction Slavery, and throughout indicate most clearly that it is a civil institution, with which religion has no concern-with a shallowness and presumption not less flagrant and shameless than his, who would justify mul'der from the text, "and Phineas arose and executed judgment.

They reply, that whatever may t e the consequence, you are bound to do right; that man has a right to himself, and man can not have property in man; that if the negro race be natural ly inferior in mind and character, they are not less entitled to the rights of humanity; that if they are happy in their condition, it affords but the stronger evidence of their degra dation, and renders them still more objects of commiseration.

Notwith standing our respect for the important document which dedclared our independence, yet if any thing be found in it, and especially in what may be regarded rather as its ornament than its substance-false, sophistical or unmeaning, that respect should not screen it from the freest examination.

All men are bornfree and equal. Is it not palpably near er the truth to say that no man was ever born free, and that no two men were ever born equal? Man is born in a state of the most helpless dependence on others.Jul 05,  · Native American gaming comprises casinos, bingo halls, and other gambling operations on Indian reservations or other tribal land in the United States.

Because these areas have tribal sovereignty, states have limited ability to forbid gambling there, as codified by the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of Start studying science:measurements and alaysis.

Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. The Five Most Capitalist Countries in The World By Jessica · On November 16, The United States and China are usually juxtaposed when considering their economic systems.

The United States is one of only a handful of countries in the world that have created and maintain forensic facilities.

An analysis of the united states as one of the few countries left in the world to practice the savag

False One application of forensic odontology . en In highly decentralized political systems such as in Italy and the United States of America (US), the global financial crises beginning in gave way to a more assertive role of the central.

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