1malaysia concept

We have developed a singular character to embrace those things that set us apart.

1malaysia concept

The Concept of 1 Malaysia. The National Association Publications 1. Malaysian people of various races and religions need to think of themselves as a nation of Malaysia are thinking and acting to achieve a goal.

In line with 1malaysia concept, the unity that exist between races in this country should be strengthened to create a more peaceful country ambience, advanced, secure and prosperous. This concept is in line with what the Perlembagaan Persekutuan and Rukun Negara.

The basic thing that needs to be created in the spirit of solidarity is a feeling of respect, sincerity and mutual trust between the races.

1malaysia concept nature of honest, capable, to speak the truth, transparency, honesty and trust are very important to implement the responsibility to the nation. Outstanding and committed leader should have a high ability to plan, strategize, assess performance and timeliness in providing the best service to the people.

1malaysia concept

The passion and commitment to duties and responsibilities of the foundation or the most powerful weapon to achieve a success. The country needs people who are dedicated and committed to perform the duties and responsibilities with pride, determination and commitment to the interests and advancement.

Malaysia also requires leaders who are friendly people and willing to sacrifice time, energy and financial and personal interests aside for the sake of the nation.

Leaders who work with dedication and sincerity will get the support and respect from all walks of life. All people need to give priority to the interests of national allegiance and loyalty to the people and solve their own group. This country is a country for all citizens, regardless of race, religion, culture and politics.

All people should assume that they are a nation of Malaysia in which everything should be enjoyed in common. Malaysia is a country where there are no people or people who would enjoy being marginalized from the development and defense of the government.

Malaysia is a catalyst for the creation of nation states to develop Malaysia as a country that has the attitude of equality and togetherness among the people. The ability to build our nation depends on the shared values of integrity, ability, dedication and loyalty.

Leaders and citizens need to understand and appreciate the value of eight 1 Malaysia, the culture of excellence, courage, humility, acceptance, loyalty, meritocracy, education and integrity. And we take actions based on the needs of all ethnic groups in our country; This does not mean we dispense with affirmative action policies, policies to help indigenous people as long as the policy is implemented in a fair manner and give consideration to the Bumiputera community who are eligible for a consideration of the government.

We came out of the way in which we practice ethnic wall for a long time. The verse that says: One People "demanded the people of various races and religions to think beyond their ethnic boundaries.

They also seek to produce action beyond the walls of racial and ethnic interests.Nurturing Professional for Global Careers. Just like the beautiful country in which we are located, APU is a rich blend of traditional and modern styles.

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1malaysia concept

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